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Our experience Companygear, a branded merchandise firm based in Austin, TX, helps local and national corporations motivate employees, increase sales and gain brand recognition.

What we do We focus on providing excellent service, creative ideas, and a positive experience for each of our clients. Our business is built on long-lasting relationships with clients who know they can trust us to deliver whatever we promise.

Our scope of services includes custom apparel design, logo development, turn-key motivation and advertising campaigns, fulfillment, packaging and logistics.

We also offer a unique non-inventory on-line corporate store that protects the continuity and integrity of your logo with no inventory investment.

Our clients We have worked with companies like AT&T, DELL, AMD, Multimedia Games, Texas Diversity Council, TECO-Westinghouse, Carino's Italian, Pinnergy, American Association of Bovine Practitioners and the Wild West Veterinary Conference. We hope we can add your company to this list.

Our resources  We are part of the AIA franchise network and while Companygear is small in size,  we have a wealth of resources - graphic designers, import experts, marketing people, a vendor relations department, and a great relationship among the other network owners - if we cannot locate an item, between 310+ minds it will be found!

Our commitment to you Our MVP suppliers are our premier business partners. The most important aspects of their commitment to Companygear are their support and responsiveness to our needs, their commitment to excellence and their willingness to do whatever it takes to make our clients happy.

This is also the commitment Companygear makes to you.

What this all means to you You can expect personal attention, excellent service, creative ideas, and people who are true to their word and care about you and your business.

If we can help you, just let us know.